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28 week acetaminophen activity admission AED aerosol amoxicillin anaesthesia analgesia antenatal corticosteroids antenatal glucocorticoids anti-epileptic anti-seizure antibiotic antibiotics apap azithromycin Bailey bayley behavior betamethasone BNFE BOOST-II BPD brain injury breastfeeding breathing trial bronchopulmonary dysplasia budesonide caffeine calculator candidiasis catheter cCMV CDH cEEG central venous catheter cerebral palsy Cesarean Section cgm chorioamnionitis CLABSI CMV COMFORTneo continuous glucose monitoring continuous positive airway pressure Cooling cord clamping corticosteroid corticosteroids cost-effectiveness cost-effectivness COVID COVID-19 CP CPAP Cranial ultrasound crib CUS delayed cord clamping Delivery Room dexamethasone dextrose dextrose gel diaphragmatic hernia donor milk DR dressing early-onset sepsis early vitamin A EBNEO conference EBNEO Review economic EEG ELBW electroencephalopgram ELGAN emotional regulation employment encephalopathy endotracheal enteral nutrition EOS epilepsy EPO erythrocyte transfusion/adverse effects erythrocyte transfusion/mortality Erythropoietin evidence based medicine extremely low birth weight extubation extubation failure extubation readiness face mask family family involvement fellow fellowship FICare fluconazole follow up full-term gastric residual general anaesthesia gentamicin Gestational Hypertension glucocorticoid glucose GMA GME GRADE growth velocity head position hearing loss heliox HELIX hemorrhage HFNC HIE high flow hs-PDA humidification hydrocortisone hypercapnia hyperglycemia hypoglycemia hypothermia hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy ibuprofen in-sur-e incubator indomethacin induction infant infant mortality Infection infectious disease inflammatory response inhaled nitric oxide iNO insulin INSURE intracranial hemorrhage intubation IVH kangaroo kangaroo mother care KCNQ2 KMC labor lactoferrin language language exposure laryngeal mask airway laser therapy late onset infection late onset sepsis LBW left diaphragmatic hernia levetiracetam ligation LMA LOS low-resource low birthweight Low birth weight infant lung ultrasound LUS machine learning magnesium sulfate MAS mechanical ventilation meconium aspiration syndrome meta-analysis methadone microbiome milk MIST moderate preterm morphine mortality MRI NAS nasal nasal cannula nCPAP NDI near-term near-term MRI nebulize NEC necrotizing enterocolitis neonatal abstinence syndrome neonatal hypoglycemia neurodevelopment neurodevelopmental neurodevelopmental disability neurodevelopmental impairment neurodevelopmental outcome neurodevelopmental outcomes neuroimaging newborn NIPPV NIRS non-inferiority non-invase ventilation non-invasive nosocomial nulliparous nutrition outcome Oxygen Saturation pain paracetamol parent parental intervention parenteral nutrition parenting program parents patent ductus arteriosus PDA penicillin permissive phenobarbital physical activity PICC plastic platelets possible serious bacterial infection postnatal corticosteroids PPHN PPV preterm probiotic procalcitonin procedural competence prognosis prophylaxis propofol pulmonary hypertension pulmonary hypoplasia PVH QI quality improvement RALIS ranibizumab RCT RDS regional anaesthesia resource-limited respiratory respiratory distress syndrome retinopathy of prematurity retrospective ROP rotavirus RSV sars-cov-2 sedation seizure self extubation sensory deprivation Sepsis SIMV SIP SLI sound speech pathologist staph staphylococcus steroid steroids stop-bpd stress stroke surfactant suspected sepsis systematic review temperature Term therapeutic hypothermia thermal thermal care thermoregulation thrombocytopenia topiramate TOTAL tracheal occlusion tracheostomy trauma Twins ultrasound umbilical cord milking unintended extubation ureaplasma vaccine valganciclovir venous venous catheter ventilation very preterm viability visual function Vitamin A VLBW