Interventions to support parents of infants at risk or with a diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disability
January 13, 2022

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Dickinson, C, Whittingham, K, Sheffield J, Wotherspoon J, Boyd, R. Efficacy of interventions to improve psycholog ...

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Early neurodevelopmental screening: Parent perspectives from the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
September 22, 2020

MANUSCRIPT CITATION  Dorner RA, Boss RD, Burton VJ, Raja K, Lemmon ME. Parent preferences for neurodevelopmental screening in the ne ...

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How does Family Integrated Care in the NICU affect short-term infant and parent outcomes?
July 09, 2020

MANUSCRIPT CITATION O'Brien K, Robson K, Bracht M, Cruz M, Lui K, Alvaro R, da Silva O, Monterrosa L, Narvey M, Ng E, Soraisham A, Ye ...

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