EBNEO Commentary: De-MIST-ifying the two-year outcomes of non-invasive surfactant therapy
January 09, 2024

TITLE OF WRITE-UP De-MIST-ifying the two-year outcomes of non-invasive surfactant therapy MANUSCRIPT CITATION Dargaville PA, Kaml ...

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OPTIMIST-ically moving towards targeted non-invasive surfactant therapy?
January 14, 2022

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Dargaville PA, Kamlin COF, Orsini F, Wang X, De Paoli AG, Kanmaz Kutman HG, Cetinkaya M, Kornhauser-Cerar L, Derr ...

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Lung recruitment prior to IN-SUR-E procedure – safe and effective?
March 20, 2021

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Vento G, Ventura ML, Pastorino R, van Kaam AH, Carnielli V, Cools F, Dani C et al. Lung recruitment before surfac ...

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Aerosolized Calfactant in Infants with RDS: a feasible route of surfactant administration?
March 11, 2021

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Cummings JJ, Gerday E, Minton S, et al. Aerosolized Calfactant for Newborns with Respiratory Distress: A Randomiz ...

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Sedation during minimal invasive surfactant treatment
February 11, 2020

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Dekker J, Lopriore E, van Zanten HA, Tan RNGB, Hooper SB, te Pas AB. Sedation during minimal invasive surfactant t ...

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Does lung ultrasound score predict the need for surfactant in extremely preterm neonates?
January 30, 2019

MANUSCRIPT CITATION De Martino L, Yousef N, Ben-Ammar R, et al. Lung Ultrasound Score Predicts Surfactant Need in Extremely Preterm Ne ...

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Does nebulized surfactant benefit neonates with respiratory distress syndrome on non-invasive respiratory support?
January 17, 2019

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Minocchieri S, Berry CA, Pillow JJ on behalf of the CureNeb Study Team Nebulised surfactant to reduce severity of ...

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Shaken or Stirred? Evaluating the combination of budesonide-surfactant for survival free of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
November 05, 2017

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Yeh TF, Chen CM, Wu SY, Husan Z, Li TC, Hsieh WS, Tsai CH, Lin HC. Intratracheal Administration of Budesonide/Sur ...

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