How does Family Integrated Care in the NICU affect short-term infant and parent outcomes?
July 09, 2020

MANUSCRIPT CITATION O'Brien K, Robson K, Bracht M, Cruz M, Lui K, Alvaro R, da Silva O, Monterrosa L, Narvey M, Ng E, Soraisham A, Ye ...

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Does a comprehensive family-centred early intervention service affect stress reactivity and emotion regulation in very low birth weight preterm infants at toddler age?
July 06, 2017

MANUSCRIPT CITATION  Wu Y-C, Hsieh W-S, Hsu C-H, Chang J-H, Chou H-C, Hsu H-C, Chiu N-C, Lee W-T, Chen W-J, Ho Y-W, Jeng S-F. Interv ...

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