<span>neurodevelopmental outcomes</span>

EBNEO Commentary: Does the effect of hydrocortisone in preterm infants depend on the baseline risk of BPD?
September 11, 2023

EBNEO Commentary: Does the effect of hydrocortisone in preterm infants depend on the baseline risk of BPD? Manuscript Citation Gentl ...

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EBNEO COMMENTARY: Safety and Efficacy of Erythropoietin in neonates with Hypoxic-Ischaemic Encephalopathy.
January 20, 2023

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Wu YW, Comstock BA, Gonzalez FF, Mayock DE, Goodman AM, Maitre NL et al. Trial of Erythropoietin for Hypoxic–Is ...

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Lower versus Traditional Treatment Threshold for Neonatal Hypoglycemia: No Difference Between the groups at 18 months of Age, Awaiting Long-term Outcomes
April 16, 2020

MANUSCRIPT CITATION: van Kempen, Anne A.M.W. et al. “Lower Versus Traditional Treatment Threshold for Neonatal Hypoglycemia.” The ...

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Is delayed cord clamping in preterm infants as safe as immediate clamping regarding 2-years outcomes?
March 03, 2020

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Armstrong-Buisseret L, Powers K, Dorling J, Bradshwa L, Johnson S, Mitchell E, Duley L. Randomised trial of cord c ...

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Neurodevelopmental outcome at 5 years of age after general anaesthesia or awake-regional anaesthesia in infancy (GAS): an international, multicentre, randomised, controlled equivalence trial
August 01, 2019

MANUSCRIPT CITATION McCann ME, Graaff JC, Dorris L, Disma N, Withington D, Bell G, Grobler A, Stargatt R, Hunt RW, Sheppard SJ, Marmor ...

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Late Neuroimaging Predicts Neurodevelopmental Outcomes in Preterm Infants
June 03, 2018

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Hintz S, Barnes P, Bulas D, Slovis T, Finer N, Wrage L, et al.  Neuroimaging and neurodevelopmental outcome in e ...

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The effects of music on hospitalized preterm neonates
May 17, 2018

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Dane E Anderson & Aniruddh D Patel. Infants born preterm, stress, and neurodevelopmental in the neonatal inte ...

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Antenatal Magnesium for Preterm Delivery Reduces Risk of Cerebral Palsy Among Surviving Very Preterm Infants
October 25, 2017

MANUSCRIPT CITATION Rouse DJ, Hirtz DG, Thom E, Varner MW, Spong CtY, Mercer BM, Iams JD, Wapner RJ, Sorokin Y, Alexander JM, Harper ...

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