February 2015

Humidification and heating of inspired gas during delivery room stabilization improves admission temperature in preterm infants

NORMOTHERMIA Maintaining normothermia in preterm infants after birth remains a challenge. Meyer and colleagues have demonstrated that the use of heated humidified gas during preterm infants stabilization improves temperature on admission to NICU. However, firm recommendations for clinical practice cannot be given at this time based on the limited evidence currently available.

International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology - the re-launch of the EBNEO project

ANNOUNCEMENT The EBNEO project is re-launched by forming the “International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology”! After the success of the first two EBNEO conferences in 2011 and 2013, a society is now registered as a non-profit association. Although the legal domicile for the society is Stockholm, Sweden, EBNEO will continue to be a truly international project.