International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology – the re-launch of the EBNEO project

February 13, 2015

Dear all,
we are re-launching the EBNEO project by forming the “International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology”!

After the success of the first two EBNEO conferences, originating 2010 from discussion in the 99nicu forums and at the Karolinska hospital, we felt obliged to take the idea further. After much work, we have reached our first goal – to register the EBNEO society as a non-profit association. Although the legal domicile for the society is Stockholm, Sweden, EBNEO will continue to be a truly international project.

The EBNEO society nourishes a vision that all neonatal care should be firmly built on best available evidence. The vision includes as short a passage from research-based knowledge to implementation in neonatal care (translation), thereby improving survival, decreasing morbidities and promoting long-lasting health for newborn infants.

Our overall goals are:

  • to provide an international forum to communicate and support evidence-based medicine for neonatal care in a global context
  • to provide an interactive forum for the critical evaluation of the literature
  • to provide neonatal care-givers with best available knowledge by increasing the dissemination of evidence-based neonatology
  • to facilitate research projects on diagnostic procedures and interventions for important clinical outcomes

Membership will be open to any individual or institution with an interest in neonatal medicine, in research and/or clinical care.

During the 3rd EBNEO conference in Philadelphia, USA, we will have our first annual business meeting, when the first full board will be elected.

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Stefan Johansson, chairman of the EBNEO Society

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  • Karl Pettersson 9 years ago

    Good work!

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