EBNEO 2017

The 4th international Conference for Evidence-Based Neonatology, 10-12 November 2017, in Hyderabad India

As the number of articles world-wide in the medical press explodes, the importance of understanding and disseminating the principles of Evidence Based Medicine becomes greater. This is a central focus of the Society of EBNEO.

At this Fourth international meeting of our young society, as in prior meetings – we included talks with both neonatal contents and clinical epidemiological methodology, hoping that this meeting would facilitate an international on-going collaboration and interchange. This meeting was held in association with Indian Association of Pediatrics Neonatology Chapter.

There were two organizational features that were new at our 4th meeting.
Firstly, we had two workshops: one on advanced methods for meta-analysis, and one on running randomized controlled trials in the less well-resourced countries.

On the Youtube Playlist below, you can view some of the lectures.

Dr. Srinivas Murki and Dr. Vasudeva Murli on behalf of IAP Neochap

Stefan Johansson, MD, PhD, professor Haresh Kirpalani, professor Mikael Norman and associate Professor Clyde Wright; on behalf of EBNEO