Renewal of memberships

Many of you became a member one year ago, and as the membership is signed on an annual basis you will notified by email when it is time to renew your membership.

Most of you members are able to sign up as a member thanks to that your institution became an institutional member. We assume that your institution will keep its membership, allowing you to renew free of charge.

Additionally, as we are still in our start-up phase everyone, also if the membership has expired, will continue to receive our regular emails for some time.


  1. please I want Renewal my memberships

    • Thanks!
      When it is time for renewal, you will get an email.
      Best regards from Stockholm!

  2. Hi I want to renew my mimbership
    I got the email


  3. please I want Renewal my memberships, thanks

  4. Please I want renewal my memberships, thanks

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