Our vision – neonatal care based on best evidence

Neonatal medicine has gone through a remarkable development through research.
But, it may be difficult to translate this wealth of knowledge into clinical guidelines.

The conference ”Evidence-based Neonatology – today and tomorrow” has a vision, that care of newborn infants is based on best available evidence.

Our mission is to disseminate evidence-based neonatal medicine, and to create a platform for communication between leading experts and neonatal staff.

The 1st ”Evidence-based neonatology – today and tomorrow” conference took place in June 2011, in Stockholm, Sweden. Given all good feedback from speakers and delegates, we felt obliged to make EBNEO a repeating event.

To facilitate future conferences sharing the original idea, the organizing committee formed a Founding Board that works together with the organizing committees of upcoming EBNEO conferences.

The 3rd conference is scheduled 9-10 September 2015, in Philadelphia, USA.

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Stefan Johansson, MD PhD
chairman of the EBNEO Founding Board