The International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology (EBNEO) is a non-profit organisation that nourishes a vision that all neonatal care should be firmly built on best available evidence. The vision includes as short a passage from research-based knowledge to implementation in neonatal care (translation), thereby improving survival, decreasing morbidities and promoting long-lasting health for newborn infants. Memberships are open for individuals and institutions from all around the world.

The International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology is a registered non-profit organisation in Sweden.
The organisation / fiscal number is 802493-2538.

The overall goals are:

  • to provide an international forum to communicate and support evidence-based medicine for neonatal care in a global context
  • to provide an interactive forum for the critical evaluation of the literature
  • to provide neonatal care-givers with best available knowledge by increasing the dissemination of evidence-based neonatology
  • to facilitate research projects on diagnostic procedures and interventions for important clinical outcomes

Board members

The most recent board was elected at the annual meeting in June 2018, for a maximum period of three years. Executive board members are designated in blue.


Elaine Boyle, Leicester, UK


Stefan Johansson, Stockholm, Sweden

Ulrika Aden, Stockholm, Sweden


Courtney Wusthoff, Palo Alto, USA

Social Media Board Lead

Nicolas Bamat, Philadelphia, USA

Social Media Board/Editors

Francesco Cardona, Vienna, Austria

Omar Elkhateeb, Riyadh, Saudia Arabia

Amy Keir, Adelaide, Australia

Souvik Mitra, Halifax, Canada

Ravi Patel, Atlanta, USA

Clyde Wright, Denver, USA

Reviews Board Lead

Clyde Wright, Denver, USA

Reviews Board

Amy Keir, Adelaide, Australia

Brett Manley, Melbourne, Australia

Gautham Suresh,  Houston, USA

Srinivas Murki, Hyderabad, India

Sherry Courtney, Little Rock, USA

Hesham Abdel-Hady, Mansoura, Egypt

Biennial Meeting Board Lead

Elaine Boyle, Leicester, UK

Biennial Meeting Board

Haresh Kirpalani, Berlin, Germany

Charles Roehr, Oxford, UK

Nick Embleton, Newcastle, UK

Sam Oddie, Bradford, UK

Auditors of the fiscal reports

Karin Back, Stockholm, Sweden

All members of the board and working groups are obliged to follow the conflicts-of-interest-guidelines issued by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE).

All authors of EBNEO reviews are obliged to disclose potential conflicts-of-interest using the ICMJE Disclosure Form. The form will be available online along the web version of the review. In the PDF version of the review, potential conflicts of interest will be summarized.

Public documents

Postal address

International Society for Evidence-Based Neonatology
c/o Department of Neonatal Medicine
Sachs’ Children and Youth Hospital
SE-118 83 Stockholm

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