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EBNEO Impact Article of the Month

Each month, our Social Media Editors nominate articles that were selected as #ebneoalerts for consideration as the EBNEO Article of the Month.

We then ask you, the international #NeoEBM community, to select the winner by casting your vote on our website. See prior winners and check in at the beginning of each month to vote: ebneo.org/vote 

Congratulations to October's winner:


Antenatal Dexamethasone for Early Preterm Birth in Low-Resource Countries - The WHO ACTION Trials Collaborators - NEJM

List of authors.

EBNEO Alerts - October 2020


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Oct 2: Sturrock et al. A randomised crossover trial of closed loop automated oxygen control in preterm, ventilated infants – Acta Paediatrica


Oct 4: Baker et al. Association of Prenatal Acetaminophen Exposure Measured in Meconium With Risk of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Mediated by Frontoparietal Network Brain Connectivity – JAMA Ped


Oct 4: Allegaert et al. Creatinine at Birth Correlates with Gestational Age and Birth Weight: Another Factor of the Imbroglio in Early Neonatal Life – Neonatology


Oct 9: Fuwa et al. Umbilical cord milking versus delayed cord clamping in term infants: a systematic review and meta-analysis – J Perinatology


Oct 9: Shah et al. Respiratory Severity Score greater than or equal to 2 at birth is associated with an increased risk of mortality in infants with birth weights less than or equal to 1250 g – Ped Pulmonology


Oct 11: Thompson et al. Pharmacoepidemiology of Furosemide in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – Neonatology


Oct 15: Sparks et al. Exome Sequencing for Prenatal Diagnosis in Nonimmune Hydrops Fetalis – NEJM


Oct 16: Kim et al. Mortality rate-dependent variations in antenatal corticosteroid-associated outcomes in very low birth weight infants with 23-34 weeks of gestation: A nationwide cohort study – PLOS One


Oct 17: Dimitriu et al. Outcomes of Neonates Born to Mothers With Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Infection at a Large Medical Center in New York City – JAMA Ped


Oct 18: Been et al. Impact of COVID-19 mitigation measures on the incidence of preterm birth: a national quasi-experimental study – Lancet Pub Health


Oct 21: El-Khuffash et al. A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of Early Targeted Patent Ductus Arteriosus Treatment Using a Risk Based Severity Score (The PDA RCT) – J Ped


Oct 23: Sharif et al. Probiotics for prevention of necrotising enterocolitis in very preterm or very low birthweight infants – Cochrane Neonatal


Oct 25: Gie et al. A Systematic Review of the Influence of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure on Fetal and Newborn Animal Models: Suggestions to Improve Neonatal Respiratory Care – Neonatology


Oct 28: Kelly et al. Auditory Brainstem Response Pass Rates Correlate with Newborn Hour of Life and Delivery Mode – J Ped


Oct 29: WHO ACTION Trials Collaborators - Antenatal Dexamethasone for Early Preterm Birth in Low-Resource Countries – NEJM


Oct 30: Duerden et al. Association of early skin breaks and neonatal thalamic maturation

A modifiable risk? – Neurology

EBNEO Scouts - October 2020

Thank you to providers making us aware of neonatal clinical research articls included in #EBNeoAlerts this month

Dr. Abdul Razak:  Oct. 3 (Baker et al.), Oct. 17 (Dumitriu et al.), Oct. 23 (Sharif et al.), Oct. 28 (WHO Action Trials Collaborators)

Dr. Jason Stoller: Oct. 18 (Been et al.)

Dr. Kaashif Ahmad Oct. 14 (Sparks),  Oct. 27 (Kelly et al.)

Dr. Afif El-Khuffash Oct. 20 (El-Khuffash et al.)

EBNEO Reviews - October 2020


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