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Each month, our Social Media Editors nominate articles that were selected as #ebneoalerts for consideration as the EBNEO Article of the Month.

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Congratulations to May's winner:

Sharpe et al. Levetiracetam Versus Phenobarbital for Neonatal Seizures: A Randomized Controlled Trial – Pediatrics



EBNEO Alerts - May 2020


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May 1:  Arnold et al. Cycled Phototherapy Dose-Finding Study for Extremely Low-Birth-Weight Infants


A Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA Peds






May 2: Cavallin et al. Heart Rate Determination in Newborns at Risk for Resuscitation in a Low-Resource Setting: A Randomized Controlled Trial – J. of Pediatrics






May 4: Ng. Infection Control Measures for COVID-19 in the Labour Suite and Neonatal Unit – Neonatology






May 6: Cheng et al. Randomised controlled trial: Can topical timolol maleate prevent complications for small superficial infantile haemangiomata in high-risk areas? – Ped. Research






May 7: Sinelli et al. Early Neonatal SARS-CoV-2 Infection Manifesting With Hypoxemia Requiring Respiratory Support – Pediatrics






May 8: Stoll et al. Early-Onset Neonatal Sepsis 2015 to 2017, the Rise of Escherichia coli, and the Need for Novel Prevention Strategies – JAMA Peds






May 9: van Beek et al. Increase in Brain Volumes after Implementation of a Nutrition Regimen in Infants Born Extremely Preterm – J. of Pediatrics






May 11: Estay et al. Randomized Controlled Trial of Nonsynchronized Nasal Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation versus Nasal CPAP after Extubation of VLBW Infants – Neonatology






May 15: Sharpe et al. Levetiracetam Versus Phenobarbital for Neonatal Seizures: A Randomized Controlled Trial – Pediatrics






May 16: Kovatis et al. Effect of Blood Transfusions on Intermittent Hypoxic Episodes in a Prospective Study of Very Low Birth Weight Infants – J. of Pediatrics






May 18: Bendor-Samuel et al. A Comparison of UK Preterm Anthropometric Charts and INTERGROWTH-21st: Is It Time to Change Growth Charts? – Neonatology






May 19: Sahoo et al. Delayed cord clamping in Rh-alloimmunised infants: a randomised controlled trial – Eur. J. of Pediatrics






May 21: Durrant et al. Developmental trajectories of infants born at less than 30 weeks’ gestation on the Bayley-III Scales – ADC F&N






May 22: Turner et al. Safety and efficacy of sildenafil citrate to reduce operative birth for intrapartum fetal compromise at term: a phase 2 randomized controlled trial – AJOG






May 23: Räikkönen et al. Associations Between Maternal Antenatal Corticosteroid Treatment and Mental and Behavioral Disorders in Children – JAMA Network






May 25: Tarnow-Mordi et al. The effect of lactoferrin supplementation on death or major morbidity in very low birthweight infants (LIFT): a multicentre, double-blind, randomised controlled trial – Lancet Child Adol






May 29: Sacchi et al. Association of Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Small for Gestational Age Status With Childhood Cognitive Outcomes


A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis – JAMA Peds






May 30: Katheria et al. Early Cardiac and Cerebral Hemodynamics with Umbilical Cord Milking Compared with Delayed Cord Clamping in Infants Born Preterm – J. of Pediatrics








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Abdul Razak, MD (Tarnow-Mordi et al, Lancet Child & Adol)

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