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Each month, our Social Media Editors nominate articles that were selected as #ebneoalerts for consideration as the EBNEO Article of the Month.

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Congratulations to January's winner:

Juul et al. A Randomized Trial of Erythropoietin for Neuroprotection in Preterm Infants – NEJM

EBNEO Alerts - January 2020


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Jan 2: Ji et al. Wide variation in caffeine discontinuation timing in premature infants – J. of Perinatology



Jan 3: Khan et al. Role of NT‐proBNP in the prediction of moderate to severe Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia in preterm infants – Ped. Pulmonology




Jan 4: Milstone et al. Effect of Treating Parents Colonized With Staphylococcus aureus on Transmission to Neonates in the Intensive Care Unit, A Randomized Clinical Trial – JAMA




Jan 7: Cuttini et al. What drives change in neonatal intensive care units? A qualitative study with physicians and nurses in six European countries – Ped. Research




Jan 8: Matei et al. Neurodevelopmental impairment in necrotising enterocolitis survivors: systematic review and meta-analysis – ADC F&N




Jan 10: Hemmingsen et al. Hearing in Schoolchildren After Neonatal Exposure to a High-Dose Gentamicin Regimen – Pediatrics




Jan 11: Mulkey et al. Neurodevelopmental Abnormalities in Children With In Utero Zika Virus Exposure Without Congenital Zika Syndrome – JAMA Ped.




Jan 13: Gross et al. Comparison of Two Telemedicine Delivery Modes for Neonatal Resuscitation Support: A Simulation-Based Randomized Trial – Neonatology




Jan 15: Sethi et al. Low dose fentanyl infusion versus 24% oral sucrose for pain management during laser treatment for retinopathy of prematurity—an open label randomized clinical trial – Eur. J. of Pediatrics




Jan 16: De Kort et al. Propofol for endotracheal intubation in neonates: a dose-finding trial – ADC F&N




Jan 22: Blanc et al. Early needle aspiration of large infant cephalohematoma: a safe procedure to avoid esthetic complications – Eur. J. of Pediatrics




Jan 23: Juul et al. A Randomized Trial of Erythropoietin for Neuroprotection in Preterm Infants – NEJM




Jan 23: Xiong et al. Natriuretic peptides in bronchopulmonary dysplasia: a systematic review – J. of Perinatology




Jan 26: Czynski et al. Neurodevelopmental Outcomes of Neonates Randomized to Morphine or Methadone for Treatment of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome – J. of Pediatrics




Jan 27: Williams et al. Feeding Tolerance, Intestinal Motility, and Superior Mesenteric Artery Blood Flow in Infants with Gastroschisis – Neonatology




Jan 29: Alison et al. Prophylactic hydrocortisone in extremely preterm infants and brain MRI abnormality – ADC F&N




Jan 30: Houtrow et al. Prenatal Repair of Myelomeningocele and School-age Functional Outcomes – Pediatrics




Jan 31: Upadhyaya et al. Perinatal risk factors and reactive attachment disorder: A nationwide population‐based study – Acta Paediatrica



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