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EBNEO Impact Article of the Month

Each month, our Social Media Editors nominate articles that were selected as #ebneoalerts for consideration as the EBNEO Article of the Month.

We then ask you, the international #NeoEBM community, to select the winner by casting your vote on our website. See prior winners and check in at the beginning of each month to vote: ebneo.org/vote 

Congratulations to December's winner:

Shalish et al. Assessment of Extubation Readiness Using Spontaneous Breathing Trials in Extremely Preterm Neonates – JAMA Pediatrics

EBNEO Alerts - December 2019


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Dec 4: Beswick et al. Integration of congenital cytomegalovirus screening within a newborn hearing screening programme – J. of Paediatrics & Child Health


Dec 6: Weimer et al. Association of Adverse Hearing, Growth, and Discharge Age Outcomes With Postnatal Cytomegalovirus Infection in Infants With Very Low Birth Weight – JAMA Pediatrics


Dec 7: He JR et al. Maternal Infection in Pregnancy and Childhood Leukemia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis – J. of Pediatrics


Dec 15: Chmielewska et al. Lean Tissue Deficit in Preterm Infants Persists up to 4 Months of Age: Results from a Swedish Longitudinal Study – Neonatology


 Dec 18: Weitkamp et al. Meningitis, urinary tract, and bloodstream infections in very low birth weight infants enrolled in a heart rate characteristics monitoring trial – Ped. Research


Dec 19: Ghoman et al. Serious games, a game changer in teaching neonatal resuscitation? A review – ADC Fetal & Neonatal


Dec 20: Dekker et al. The Effect of Initial High vs. Low FiO2 on Breathing Effort in Preterm Infants at Birth: A Randomized Controlled Trial – Frontiers in Pediatrics


Dec 22: Liu et al. Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Human Milk Intake at Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Discharge among Very Low Birth Weight Infants in California – J. of Pediatrics


Dec 23: Yamano et al. Ventilated Infants Have Increased Dead Space and Lower Alveolar Tidal Volumes during the Early versus Recovery Phase of Respiratory Distress – Neonatology


Dec 27: Shalish et al. Assessment of Extubation Readiness Using Spontaneous Breathing Trials in Extremely Preterm Neonates – JAMA Pediatrics

EBNEO Reviews - December 2019

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