Write an EBNEO review and get published also in Acta Paediatrica

September 01, 2017

Our most important mission is to publish short summaries of new clinical research. We do this to facilitate transmission of new evidence into clinical practise, in collaboration with and supported by Acta Paediatrica.

Do you want to write for EBNEO? Email our editor Clyde Wright or read this page.

The EBNEO summaries will provide readers with a “structured abstracts” of the primary literature, along with brief commentaries focusing on the clinical implication of the study reviewed. The commentary will be published in Acta Paediatrica, while the structured abstract will be available at the EBNEO.org site.

The commentary in Acta Paediaterica gets its own citable DOI-number. That means you get a Pubmed-referenced publication 🙂 

Check this example out – in Acta Paediatrica and in Pubmed.