Survey on the EBNEO email service

April 28, 2016

There are several ways to keep updated about EBNEO. In addition to the newsletter sent out to the EBNEO members, we have more than 1000 followers on Twitter, almost 700 fans on Facebook, and about 200 people in our group on LinkedIn.

For the first EBNEO conference in Stockholm 2011, we opened an email subscription service through Feedburner. Every time something is published here, about 400 subscribers get an email about that post. You probably read this in that Feedburner email

As this email service is a bit out-dated and we sometimes believe that those emails are confusing, i.e. a recipient may believe that he/she is a EBNEO members when he/she is only an email subscriber. Further, given the more up-to-date social channels through Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, we believe that this email service has played its role.

Before we consider to close this email service, we would like you to answer a short survey, that will only take about 1 minute. The survey is here: