EBNEO 2015

Welcome to the 3rd international Conference for Evidence-Based Neonatology, 9-10 September 2015, the third international meeting of the Society of EBNEO.

As the number of articles world-wide in the medical press explodes, the importance of understanding and disseminating the principles of Evidence Based Medicine becomes greater. This is a central focus of the Society of EBNEO.

At this Third international meeting of our young society, as in prior meetings – we include talks with both neonatal contents and clinical epidemiological methodology. We hope that this meeting will facilitate an international on-going collaboration and interchange.

There are two organizational features that are new at this year’s meeting. Firstly, we are meeting having launched the “EBNEO Journal Club”. The intent of this is to provide a structured synopsis of studies to allow a quick methodologically based over-view. It follows the model of the American College of Physicians Journal Club – which has proven an effective leaning and dissemination tool. Secondly we will have a business session that will chart the forward path of the Society of EBNEO.

In both of these ventures – there is ample opportunity for all neonatologists interested in methodologically based Neonatal care – to participate – from the ground level! We hope to see you at this exciting venture!

Professor Haresh Kirpalani, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

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